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Tumnan Herbal Eye Pillow provides soothing relief for tired eyes. Filled with 100% natural herbs like organic jasmine rice, mint, ginger, lemon balm, lemongrass, and wan soa long, it offers a unique aromatic experience. Made with high-quality non-bleached 100% cotton, this eye pillow promotes relaxation and improved blood circulation.


How to use:  Warm Tumnan Herbal Eye Pillow in Micrwave (dry condition) for 1-2 min. Place the eye pillow in the eye pillow holder  and mask it on the tired eyes area, deep breath and relax. Enjoy maximum reuseable for more than 80 times


Caution: Avoid excessive heat by place it on skin before apply to your neck.

Care:  Keep in cool and dry place.

TUMNAN herbal eye pillow

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